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2 years ago

Q6 is a built-in type dental curing. The themes is litghtweight, convinient, cost-efficient. Built-in type curing light, no need to worry about battery power failure, no need to charge, use it at any time. It’s very lightweight, only 96g.

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Product details

Power supply: Input : 24VAC,50Hz/60Hz

Light Intensity: 1000mW/cm2 -2500mW/lcm2

Applied part: Light guide

Modes setting: TURBO mode: Display P1, Light Intensity2300mW/cm2 - 2500mW/cm2

                            NORMAL mode: Display P2,Illumination1000mWlcm2- 1200mW/cm2

Time setting: TURBO mode:  1s,3s

                        NORMAL mode: 5S,10S,15S,20S

Lightly press the time button to choose thesolidification time.

Dimensions: 25mm*275mm

Net weight: 96g

Light source: a) 5W high power blue LED

                        b) Wave length: 385nm-515nm

Consumption power: ≤5W

Composed mainly : main unit,LED lamp, light hood, cable.