Good price comfortable comprehensive dental unit chair set

2 years ago

Tuokang TK-602 series dental comprehensive treatment chair is a most cost-effective product. The  main point of this dental unit chair is : economical, simple and pratical. So that  dental chair is popular in dentist. It’s reliable, flexible and convenient so you can easily control everything whether you have an assistant or not.

This design is unique to us, recruiting agents all over the world!

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Product details

Hospital and clinic used

Moisture separator

Ergonomic design

Comfortable patient chair with chair interlock system

A safe and comfortable experience

Optional color

Voltage: AC 230V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Input: 350VA

Air supply: air pressure 0.55MPa-0.80MPa, flux>50L/min, no oil

Water supply: water pressure 0.20MPa-0.40MPa, flux>5L/min


1. Linkage compensation chair frame:                                     1 set

2. 24V DC imported motor:                                                    2 pcs

3. 12V imported solenoid valve:                                              2 pcs

4. Three syringe cold/hot:                                                    2 pcs

5. Touch control system:                                                      1 set

6. Touch assistant system:                                                    1 set

7. Saliva suction system:                                                   1 piece

8. LED film viewer:                                                           1 set

9. Water storage control system:                                             1 set

10.Tool tray air locking positioner:                                           1 set

11.Safety emergency stop switch:                                            1 set

12.Silicone protective cover for main and assistant trays:                1 set

13.Removable and sterilized ceramic spittoon:                            1 set

14.Spittoon flushing and water supply control system:                     1 set

15.Multifunctional pedal:                                                     1 set

16.LED oral light:                                                          1 piece

17.041 Luxury dentist stool:                                                 1 piece

18.Casting aluminum rotating arm:                                        1 pair

19.Injection leg support:                                                    1piece

20.Hanging tool tray: (optional)                                               1 set