HC25 Series Thermal Protectors

2 years ago
HC25 Series Thermal Protectors.

HC25 series thermal protector with high-current make pure design temperature to ensure low internal resistance , Widely used in pump, transformer and high power motor .
Special Features:
●With pure design temperature, current effect is small
● Epoxy sealing to ensure that the vacuum varnished.
● Closed structure can make components from dust or impurity pollution and damage to the external force.
● Preset calibration temperature ; not adjustable in the field.
● Case electrically alive; insulating sleeving is available..
Electrical Characteristics:
● 250V AC 50HZ/60HZ
● 16A, 25A, 35A
Technical Parameters:
● Available with nominal calibration temperatures from70℃-160℃.
● Temperature Code: ±5℃,±8℃
Main Applications are as follows:
● Pump, high power motor
● Heating tube
● Electric tool, battery packs
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