17AM Series Thermal Protector

2 years ago
17AM Series Thermal Protector.

The 17AM series thermal protector is a both temperature and current sensitive protector. It has a small size but high capacity. The applications are motors, lighting and home appliances.
Special Features:
● Temperature is 100% calibrated.
● Snap action.
● Both temperature and current sensitive.
● Type and length of wires are optional.
● Terminals can be same or opposite end.
● 100% comply with RoHS.
Electrical Characteristics:
● 20amps/16volts DC
● 10amps/250volts AC
● 20amps/125 volts AC
Technical Parameters:
● Available with nominal calibration temperatures from 50℃ to 180℃.
● Tolerance Code: ±3℃,±5℃.
Main applications are as follows:
● Various motors
● Pumps, air compressor, and cleaners
● Fluorescent ballasts and lightings
● Heating pad, electrical blankets
● Electrical tools, chargers, transformers
● Home appliances, heating appliances
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