HC18/8AM Series Thermal Motor Protector

2 years ago
HC18/8AM Series Thermal Motor Protector.

HC18 series are both temperature and current sensitive. They can protect the applications like motor or transformer from overheating or loading.
Special Features:
● Fault conditions up to 60 amps
● Compact and easy to install .
● Individually temperature calibrated and checked.
● Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating.
● Both temperature and current sensitive.
● Terminals are optional and customized.
● Wires are optional and customized.
Electrical Characteristics:
● 125VAC/250VAC: 15A~60A
● 12VDC/24VAC: 15A~60A
Technical Parameters:
● Available with nominal calibration temperature from 80℃ to 180℃
● Tolerance Code:±5℃,±8℃
● Trip off current range: 15-60A.
● Time check at T-ambient 25℃: 4 to 10 seconds
Main Applications are as follows:
● Automotive motors
● Ballast protection
● Capacitor start motors
● Split-phase motors
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