3MP Series Self-Hold Motor Protector

2 years ago
3MP Series Self-Hold Motor Protector.

3MP (Self-hold) current and overload protector with thermal protection and control
Current overload time exactly, reset after cut power
Special Features:
● Small size,(with hand-reset function);
● Protected with overload, plugging turn, or short circuit flow well;
● According to the customer request, setting overload trip current, max 45A;
● Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating(4~10s);
● Fixed in coil or out ,make the process of motor more flexible;
● Each type of parts strictly implemented European ROHS environmental standards;
● Wires are optional and customized;
Electrical ratings:
● 30A/15V DC
● 15A/30V DC
● 28A/250V AC
● 18A/125V AC
Technical parameters:
● Action temperature range: 30℃-180℃. Temperature is optional and customized.
● Temperature tolerance:±5℃,±8℃,±10℃.
● Trip off current range: 1-45A.
● Trip off time: 4-10s.
● Cleaner, Pulverizer , Agitator, Mower.
● Electric power tool, Snow-sweeper
● Washing-machine, Home appliance, Heater element
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