Custom Printed Wholesale Clear Window Compostable Stand Up Pouch Brown Kraft Zipper Paper Bag For Snack Packaging

2 years ago
In recent years, Kraft Paper Pouch has gained a lot of popularity in the flexible packaging business. Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal packaging format that is alternative to plastics, then, you do not need to worry as you are in the right place.
MmPack Kraft paper pouches are made from natural kraft paper that offers the bags with remarkable quality. Our kraft paper pouch has a laminated interior that has a foil lining to extend its shelf life.

Besides longevity, MmPack Kraft Paper Pouches are designed to offer your products with maximum barrier protection counter to odors, UV light, and moisture.

This is made possible as our bags come with resealable zippers and are airtightly sealed. Our heat-sealing option makes these pouches tamper evident and keeps the contents safe for consumer use.
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