Custom Printed Reusable Liquid Baby Food Drinking Packaging Bottom Open Spout Pouches Promotion NON-WOVEN Bag

2 years ago
Spout Pouch is one of the top selling products of MmPack. As one of the best suppliers of water spout bags in China, we have various specifications and sizes of water spouts, as well as a large number of water spouts for customers to choose from, which is the best innovative beverage and liquid packaging bag products.

Over the years, we have created convenience in the packaging industry. Compared with ordinary plastic bottles, glass cans, aluminum cans and spout bags save production, space, transportation and storage costs, and are recyclable.

It can be re installed, easily sealed and lighter. This makes it more and more popular with new buyers. We like startups, with a minimum order of 5000-10000 PCs.

Tedpack nozzle bags are widely used in many industries. It has a tight nozzle seal and can be used as a good barrier to ensure freshness, flavor, aroma and nutritional quality or chemical efficacy
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