Custom Printed Wholesale Medical Matte Smell Proof Weed Foil Packaging Edible Mylar Plastic Bags

2 years ago
Jute bags are all types of flat and upright bags, which are equipped with child safety zipper lock and child safety lock.

Now the most common sacks are hisierra, pharmaloc and stink sac, funksac lock bags which are unlocked. We have other bags which are made of simple zippers, but it is difficult to open the bags in ordinary ways through bag making technology.

The sacks have only one purpose, complicating the sacks and making them inaccessible to children. In order not to hurt children, we also require these bags to be made of anti odor, anti odor and anti odor materials. In this way, the sacks will be made of 2-3 layers of laminated material, usually with a piece of aluminum foil in the middle of the sack to keep sunlight in direct contact with the hemp products inside.
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