Glue solution for high efficiency filter

2 years ago

Air filter is for the capture and adsorption of different particle sizes of dust particles in the air to improve the air quality.Generally used for clean workshops,laboratories and clean rooms.It is also used to  electronic machinery communication equipment and other dust prevention, but also used in biological pharmaceuticals, hospitals, airport terminals, human living environment and other places.

The filter adhesive is suitable for bonding, filling and sealing between galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, non-passivation stainless steel sheet and non-woven fabrics, filter paper and other materials.Our products all meets the RoHS, REACH and other test standards.

Product characteristics are as below:

▪ good toughness ▪ strong adhesion ▪ excellent sealing performance ▪ weak acid and alkali resistance ▪ excellent water resistance ▪ VOC volatilization reaches the standard ▪ And the materials are environmentally and safety which passed the RoHS and REACH.

Applications are high efficiency filter, vacuum cleaner filter element, dust filter cartridge, water treatment and other fields.

Fuming has more than 20 years of experience in the air filtration industry, along with the filtration industry’s progress, we would like to share the success stories with you. FM Sealant customizes the solution according to your product needs. Establish the strategic partnership with you and save the manufacturing costs.

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Glue solution for high efficiency filter