How does the automatic payment machine work with license plate recognition by cash?

7 months ago
Parking self-service payment machine is based on the Android platform, Android 5.1 system for the development of the model, integrated printer, QR code scanner, voice communications, banknote cash machine and other functions, can improve the efficiency of charges, improve the level of information management, applicable to all types of paid parking lots.

What is self-service payment machine

The self-service parking payment system of the parking lot parking self-service central payment machine is a terminal device used for cash and interconnection payment in the 24-hour smart parking lot. On the basis of the realized mobile payment function, the cash self-service payment terminal completes the unattended solution. The product integrates parking payment and advertising carousel. By connecting to the original smart entrance camera back-end network, the back-end data is obtained and smarter self-service is provided. Car owners who need to pay in cash can pay for temporary cars through the cash self-service payment terminal. Suitable for subway stations, railway stations, bus stations, hospitals, parking lots, and large shopping malls.
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