Big size Photon rejuvenation instrument

9 months ago

Red light therapeutic instrument is a new type of phototherapy equipment that can be applied to hospitals and families. Its basic principle is to obtain the red visible light band dominated by 600 ~ 700nm through a special filter. This band has deep penetration into the human body and better curative effect. The whole machine has high output power (equivalent to more than 100 times of He Ne laser) and large light spot (equivalent to hundreds of times of He Ne laser), which provides a better treatment method for some large-area diseases. Light output is divided into "strong" and "weak" to adapt to patients with different physique. The whole machine adopts a movable floor cabinet design, and the red light lamp cap can also be lifted and lowered electrically, that is, the manual red light and automatic red light on the market, which is very convenient for medical workers.

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Product details

main features


1. Multi purpose: the original beam output is standard. The original beam can be used for body surface treatment, and optical fiber output can be selected, which is more suitable for the treatment of shallow lumen such as Gynecology, ear, nose and throat treatment;


2. Wide spectrum: the output wavelength is mainly 600nm ~ 700nm, which is unmatched by the narrow wavelength of LED laser;


3. High power: the optical output power shall not be less than 3W (equivalent to more than 100 times of He Ne laser);


4. Large spot: more than 120mm at 100mm from the window (equivalent to hundreds of times of He Ne laser);


5. Microcomputer control circuit and digital time display control system work automatically after setting working time.


Main technical indicators


1. Spectral wavelength: mainly visible red light 600nm ~ 700nm, including part of near-infrared light;


2. Spot diameter: more than 120mm at 100mm from the window;


3. Optical output power: not less than 3W