T6000 Red infra led light therapy devices

9 months ago

The functional principle of 650 nm laser irradiation. Laser is a major technology produced in the early 1960s and is regarded as one of the four great inventions of the 20th century (laser, semiconductor, atomic energy and computer). In the early 1990s, Russia first applied low-intensity laser to medical treatment, Russian astronauts took the laser energy introduction instrument into space as an important tool for adjuvant treatment and health care, which shocked the medical circles all over the world and called it "the light of life". The light wave with the wavelength of 650nm is called the "light of life" in the golden band of the human body by the world medical community. It can not only penetrate the skin, fat, muscle, blood vessel wall and other tissues of the human body, but also do not harm the tissues and cells of the human body. The emitted laser power is 5MW. It belongs to low-energy laser, and the irradiation density is far less than the damage threshold of body and blood damage. During nasal laser irradiation, the laser penetrates the human body without causing any damage to the body. A large amount of laser energy penetrates the blood vessel wall and other tissues and is absorbed by blood, which has a good therapeutic effect. It seems that Zhidun lipid-lowering semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument produced by Rhong LTD adopts this kind of laser therapeutic instrument.

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Both the 660nm and 850nm spectrum arrays are used in conjunction with one another to deliver unmatched therapeutic value that has never before been witnessed in an LED therapy light device.


The result is a superior LED therapy light (red led wavelength is the technical key behind the therapy) that powerfully penetrates through skin, muscle and connective tissue, promoting healing and cellular regeneration all the way to and through the bone.  In addition to superior light penetration, the advanced benefits of multi-wavelength red and near infra-red spectral output are amazingly extensive!


PlatinumLED prides itself at being at the forefront of LED light therapy innovation and our goal is to harness the power of red and near infra-red light to produce optimal outcomes for you. Every product we create is meticulously informed by scientific studies and principles--and there are more than 3000 peer-reviewed studies out there investigating the benefits and applications of red light/near infra-red light, and counting.


When you combine this R+ component as 50% of the output along with the NIR+ component possessing the other 50%, you are truly able to cover the entire array of LED light therapy in the exact levels of optimization.


The Therapeutic Spectrum: Combining the Benefits of Five Wavelengths

Harnessing the most biologically effective wavelengths is the key to optimizing the benefits of red light and near-infrared light therapy. Certain near-infrared and red light wavelengths are recognized for the unique therapeutic and regenerative results they offer the body.


The red light spectrum extends from approximately 620 nm to 750 nm. The red light wavelengths that have the most scientifically proven benefits are 630 nm and 660 nm.  Near-infrared starts at 750 nanometers and extends all the way to 1,200 nm.  Near-infrared wavelengths that have been scientifically proven to yield benefits for humans include the 810 nm, 830 nm and 850 nm wavelengths.