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Rhong High Quality Red led light therapy panel Wholesale - Guangdong Rhong Co., Ltd.,We have a production base of more than 4000 square meters with 6 production lines.

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Guangdong Rhong Co., Ltd.
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Product details

Red light therapy is offered with Rhong therapy lights.  These lights have the Red | NIRed spectrum which merges five different wavelengths of red and near infra-red light:  630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm.  Red light therapy devices that combine both red light and near-infrared light offer potent healing potential because they incorporate a range of therapeutic wavelengths. These wavelengths can target diverse issues. For example, red light wavelengths can penetrate to the depth of the skin, promoting collagen production and healing wounds, while near-infrared light is able to penetrate deeper into the body’s tissue to more successfully target deep wounds, muscle, or joint pain



Potential Benefits of the 5 Different Wavelengths

The 630nm Wavelength (Red Light)

· Hair regrowth:

· Healing of superficial skin cancers (non-melanoma)

· Treatment of acne to help reduce breakouts

· Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

· An improvement in skin disorders such as psoriasis

The 660nm Wavelength (Red Light)

· Reduced training fatigue

· Reduced inflammation

· Improved bone healing

· Reduced swelling following injury

· Reduced neuropathic pain

· Accelerated wound healing

The 810nm Wavelength (Near-infrared Light)

· Improved healing and recovery

· Accelerated wound healing

· Improved recovery from stroke in certain patients

· Improved recovery from traumatic brain injury

· Improvement in psychiatric disorders

· Hair growth

The 830nm Wavelength (Near-infrared Light)

· Accelerated healing and reduced infection

· Improved aesthetic outcomes following plastic surgery

· Increased “feel-good” endorphins

· Improved bone repair and growth

· Faster return-to-play after injury

The 850nm Wavelength (Near-infrared Light)

· Reduce joint & muscle pain

· Enhanced muscle recovery:

· Healing of wounds in the skin

· Reduction of lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation

· Orthodontics and tooth alignment


1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are professional manufacturer of led therapy lights.
2.Can I visit your factory?
Yes, we are looking forward to your visit to our factory. Our Address: No.1 Intersection of Baisha Village, Baisha Development Zone, Shang'an Community, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan city.
3.What about the lead time?
1-7 business days for sample orders; Hot model generaly can be shipped within 3 business days . 15-20 business days for bulk order.


1.Most of the employees have been working in the company, familiar with the products, good service awareness
2.We are professional manufacturer of led therapy lights. Provide OEM&ODM service.
3.We have obtained many patents of LED plant growth lights and infrared lamps, and technology is in the leading position in the industry.
4.We have 3D modeling capabilities, which can quickly respond to customer design needs

About Rhong

Rhong Company focuses on the research, production and technical services of LED red light therapy. More than 10 years of industry experience with most of the engineer in my company More than 3000 square meters in our factory. Household plant grow light, large farm plant grow light, short distance red light therapy and close-fitting red light therapy are available. There are six production lines,22 machines and above 100 workers in our factory. We got ISO quality system,CE, ETL, FCC, Rohs certification.We can get certification for you if you specifically need it. All products have gone through the inspection of appearance, performance and function by quality control before leaving the factory. We continuously develop new products for human health and plant growth,we are good at OEM and ODM services, and can quickly design products to meet customer requirements. Generally speaking, we will respond to the needs of customers within one hour, give the OEM feasible solution within one working day, and give the ODM solution within three working days. Feel free to consult me If you are looking for a satisfied supplier. We will provide you excellent quality products and considerate service. You are welcome to our factory for visit and cooperation.I would like to talk about the structure,application and cost in detail with you.