Auto Skylight Film TPU Material Super Heat-Insulation UV IR Rejection Ice Armor Waterproof PPF

1 year ago
Duolite Sunroof PPF( Sunroof Ice Armor ) enables easily automatic scratch repair with the nano-coating TPU material, Heat-Insulation 92%, UV rejection 99%, which makes the temperature in the car drop by 9.7℃ Super heat-insulation. As for protection, the strength of sunroof glass increased by more than 3 times, safe and explosion-proof, highly prevent the risk of falling objects from high altitude.

Features of Skylight Film :
1. Rang temperature:-15℃ to +150℃, UV protected.
2. Eco-friendly materials
3. Color: Transparent
4. Easy to applied and to be removed
5. Rapid Release adhesive
6. Very flexible wrap vinyl when heat is applied
7. Water-resistant
8. Can be cleaned with soap and water
9. Easy to install, plug and play
10. Easily remove without residue, will not harm the painted surface of your vehicle
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