Customized Wooden Connectors manufacturers From China

11 months ago

Surealong Customized Wooden Connectors manufacturers From China,

Introduction:SUREALONG GROUP Corporation with nearly 15 years experience in manufacturing timber connectors and wooden building. 
With our market leading surealong range of Building Brackets, Timber Connectors,
Wooden Building Connectors etc. we have full control over the whole production from start to finish .
Most surealong products are manufactured usingG300- Z275 Zinc form  steel.
ISO9001:2008 standards for Residential timber frame construction stipulates a minimum Z275 steel for all sheet metal .

SUREALONG as one of the largest supplier of structural building products in the world,
including Angle Brace,Spped Brace,Heavy Duty Angle Bracket,Cyclone Strap,Harricane Strap,Hitch, Nail Plate, MINI Nail Plate,
Strap Nail,Tap in Plate,Nail on Plate,MINI Grip,Multi grip,Triple Grip,Hoop Iron,Strap Brace,Coil Strap,
pergola angle,hold down bracket,joist hangers,joist hanger heavy duty,Joist Hanger Spilt,
Heavy Duty U Cup Bolt Down,Ajustable U Cup Down,Post Support-Full Stirrup,Post Support -Half Stirrup,
Cyclonic Post Supports,Post Support Centrefix,Post Support Centrepin,Post Support Full Stirrup Solid Stem,Post Support Adjustble,Stud Tie,
Stud Tie Single Sided,Stud Tie Double Sided,Corner Plate,Truss Tie,Joist Strap,Batten Straps,
Foil Tacks,Foil Insulation Fix Fasterners,Shade Cloth Fix,Strap Brace Tensioner etc..

The company is known for its commitment to product development, engineering, testing and training
as well as providing customers with quality products and exceptional service.

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Surealong Group Corporation
Audited supplier
Product details
Surealong  is manufactured under the visionary guidance of trained professionals.


SUREALONG Group Corporation in this scope over 15 years, Concentrates on design , research , manufacturing, market, sales and after service of engineering parts and home&garden products. Our can provides high-quality manufacturing solutions for producing engineering parts and home&garden products. (metal parts,plastic parts, assembly parts etc.,)Customers rely on us to minimize risk and provide high-value solutions. Through open communication,trust and performance, we create a win/win experience for all involved.The professional technical team conducts a comprehensive quality control for this product in the production.

Advantages and Professional  

1.  History        Founded in 2005, and engaged in this industry since 2000.   

2.   Scope          Metal Stamping, CNC machining, Deep drawing, Laser cutting, CNC bending, welding etc.   

3.   Workshop    More than 200 staff members(10 senior engineers)and workshop of 7000sqm   

4.   OEM/ODM    Design service, by customer drawing or sample, customer logo/label   

5.    Quality         ISO9001 TS16949  Rohs  CE

Order Process 

1: Get your drawings and requirements about Products.

2:  Confirm products details.

3:  Quotation, freight and delivery.Note: a. Sample unit cost will be 3 times based on the final quotation.  b. Because samples are customized, it takes us more labor costs than mass production. c. Usually sample delivery time is around 10 to 20 days.(up to the products)

4: Provide PI to you, you make payment accordingly.

5: Start production, and keep in touch with you .Step 6: Send you details and photos when qualified sample is finished.Step 

7: Shipment after above information is confirmed.

SUREALONG Philosophy 


Surealong Group Corporation is committed to obtain and retain the trust of our customer, personnel and all our other interest groups. Therefore, we will always follow all the relevant customer and regulatory requirements.

Customer Satisfaction 

SUREALONG will keep(meet or exceeds) our customers satisfied and confident of our performance. We strive to ensure that our business is profitable and continues to grow. 

Continues Improvement 

SUREALONG continuously and systematically improve our processes on the basis of customer feedback and well as performance and efficiency data collected from our operations. 

Strive for Excellence 

We are committed to strive for excellence and to meet consistent aggressive goals in everything we do. Surealong as a professional engineering parts and home&garden products. supplier.