LAYU P40B150 40 head blue laser bar performance

1 year ago

LAYU P40B150 is a 40 beam laser bar projector.

Each unit has 40 blue laser beam.

Each line has 8 laser beam,so that can get 5*8 laser array in one laser.

It has all laser beam on,stobe,chasing,flowing effects,etc.

It can be set in automatic mode,sound active mode,or DMX512 mode,Master/slave mode.

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Product details

LAYU P40B150 is a 40 beam laser projector for club,mobile dj,laser show,etc


40 beams integrated into 1 as to get a 5*8 laser array effects.

The curve surface makes the beams to cover bigger area.

There are around 20 kinds of effects built inside,such as all laser ON,strobe,horizontal and vertical moving,positive and negative direction flowing,chasing,etc.

It can automatically running or sound active running or can be controlled by DMX console.

When in DMX mode,the users can control each laser ON and OFF.

Laser power:


Applicable for disco,club,bar,mobile dj,family party,etc.