LAYU AM420RGB 4 head laser bar with 8 watt RGB laser power

2 years ago

LAYU AM420RGB is a new 4 head laser bar with 8 watt RGB laser power.

Each head is 2 watt RGB.There are more than 128 kinds of laser graphics and beam effects built inside.

All the modules are analog and each head is X/Y scanning controlled.

Users can use DMX controller to control each head and each diode separately.

They can get fan effects,tracing effects,color changing effects,etc easily by controller.

It is a good choice for the professional level users in event,stage,club,etc.

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Product details

LAYU AM420RGB is a 4 head laser bar with 8 watt RGB laser power.


1.Dust proof designs. IP rate is IP62.It can prevent the dust and fog machine oil into the machine.

Prolong the laser life and reduce the maintenance costs.

2.More than 128 kinds of graphics and beam effects built inside the laser.

3.Made of analog modulation which allows users to dimmer the laser output from 0% to 100% linearly so that can get millions of colors.

4.Users can use DMX controller to control each head separately,such as the patterns,effects,colors,position,etc.

5.Modern LCD display technology.Easy to understand the setting.

6.Play mode: DMX normal(12 channels),DMX professional(16 channels/64 channels),Sound active,Auto,Master/Slave.

7.Safety: Single beam protection,keylock,remote interlock,safety ring.

8.Power: AC100~250V,50/60Hz.

9.Application: stage,club,event,laser show,etc


  • Model No.
  • Guaranteed Power
    total 8 W RGB,each head 2W RGB
  • Red Laser Power
    400 mW * 4
  • Green Laser Power
    600mW *4
  • Blue Laser Power
    1000mW *4
  • Beam Specification
  • Scanner
  • Max Scanning Angle
  • Patterns Built Inside
    More than 128 kinds
  • Machine dimension