ZEK 1601 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner 400w Small Lightweight portable Multifunctional

1 year ago

Lightweight, portable, Small, Multifunctional, ZEK 1601 is a 400w AC Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner. ZEK is a vacuum cleaner manufacturer in China. We are the best vacuum cleaner supplier offering wholesale corded stick vacuum cleaners, steam mop, rotary electric mop, anti-mite vacuum cleaner, and vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

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Product details

400w High power. Small shape, powerful suction, household cleaning. Hand-held push rod vacuum cleaner.

Multifunction. Let the cleaning in the house be easier. Fashionable and intelligent. Powerful AC motor.

Portable, smart. It's easy to store with a portable and cute appearance. Making the operation smoother.

Large capacity. Upgrade the capacity, make the life easier.

8-meter diameter of application area. Wide range of working place.

Multiple filters are clean and healthy. Multiple cycle filter system with cyclone keeps dust in the dust box.