ZEK K5 Steam Mop AC 1500w 248℉ Fahrenheit High-temperature Vapor Disinfection Swabber

1 year ago

ZEK K5 Steam Mop AC 1500w 248℉ Fahrenheit High-Temperature Vapour Disinfection Swabber is a ZEK home-developed model. All materials are ABS. The water tank is 320w and it is detachable. There are two power switches. All of the design makes it safer than any other normal steam swabber in the market.

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Product details

In this video, we are going to introduce the ZEK K5 steam mop AC 1500w 248℉ Fahrenheit high-Temperature vapor disinfection swabber to customers worldwide. The temperature of the steam mop reaches 120 Celsius degrees. It is an ideal choice for floor disinfection, mopping, and cleaning. All of the parts can be connected easily. The main unit can be used alone for multi-purposes. You can use the mop to clean the floor, and the kitchen, your shower room. You can use it for any stubborn, or greasy surfaces.