ZEK K7 Electric Lux Vacuum Cleaner Optional Accessory Electric Wet Mop

1 year ago

The ZEK K7 electric lux vacuum cleaner is a multifunctional household vacuum cleanr. We offer an electric velvet brush, a round brush, a long crevice brush for multi-purposes. In order to stay competitive and satisfy various needs, we develop and adopt many different optional accessories.

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Product details

In this video, we are going to introduce everyone the electric rotary wet mop. The brush head looks like an electric rotary mop with two blue mops for mopping and waxing. The mops spin at a speed of 150rpm. There is a transparent water tank that holds a little water for wetting the two mops. Refill water through the bigger red button. And adjust the water dispenser with the smaller red button. The electric rotary wet mops can be installed on all types of household vacuum cleaners. As there is only a little water, it can also be used for normal-dry type hand-held vacuum cleaners.