ZEK K8 Separating Mini Electric Vacuum Cleaner BLDC Installation Demonstration Application

1 year ago

ZEK K8 separating mini electric vacuum cleaner is a BLDC multifunctional household vacuum cleaner. There are two versions, the 150w and the 250w. The max suction is 15kpa and 20kpa respectively. They are all equipped with BLDC motors which bring bigger suction at efficient powers. Press the power button again to turn it off.

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Product details

The ZEK K8 separating mini electric vacuum cleaners adopt advanced and efficient BLDC motors. The max suction of the 150w is 15kpa, and the max suction of the 250w is 20kpa. The soft velvet brush roll can vacuum and mop the floor super clean. The power button is a start-up protection design. You have to keep pressing it for three seconds to start the separating mini electric vacuum cleaner. The default setting is eco speed. Press the right button to change it to max speed. Then press the left button to change back to the eco speed.