ZEK K9 Wet Dry Vac Floor Washing And Vacuuming Self-cleaning Brush Self-traction

2 years ago

The ZEK-K9 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a multifunctional cleaner for home cleaning, washing, and vacuuming. The brush roll in the electric brush can be cleaned automatically by pressing the button on the handle. The wet-dry moves forward driven by self-traction force from the brush roll.

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Product details

This is a video about our ZEK-K9 wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The home-developed wet dry vac can suck up dust, particles, hair, crust, and water or any other liquids. It is a trendy household vacuum cleaner in the market right now. Current on-sales famous brands are TIENCO, and Hoover in the USA. There are two water tanks, a clean water tank and a dirty water tank. All you have to do is refilling clean water and dumping and brushing the dirty water tank. The ZEK-K9 wet dry vac moves smoothly and effortlessly with a self-traction brush design.