Good quality Anti-slip Non Woven Fabric

2 years ago

Anti-slip Non Woven Fabric Base Cloth can be customized according to different colors, including various pattern of PVC dots can be customized, the width up to 3.2 meters, we produce anti slip nonwoven fabric with hydrophobic, tear resistance characteristics.

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The invention discloses an anti-skid non-woven fabric and an anti-skid treatment method for a non-woven fabric. In the method, the surface of the non-woven fabric is directly autoclaved, and the non-woven fabric fuses partly to form a concavo-convex surface, thereby realizing an anti-skid function. Through the method, the traditional process for carrying out anti-skid treatment on the non-woven fabric is simplified, and the production cost is reduced. The material of this anti slip fabric is PP non woven fabric + PVC dot. 

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