Horizontal Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler System

1 year ago
Capacity: 30~1400×104Kcal/h(350~16300KW)

Fuel: Diesel, Fuel Oil, Heavy Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, City Gas, Coke Oven Gas, Methane Gas, Biogas, Furnace Oil, etc.

Application: Petrochemical Industry, Oil Industry, Synthetic Fiber Industry, Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry, Plastic and Rubber Industry, Paper Industry, Wood Industry, Building Materials Industry, Machinery Industry, Food Industry, Chemical Industry…

Product Advantage
The thermal oil boilers system adopts a two-coil structure, three-pass flue gas, compact design while increasing the heating surface, reducing the size of the boiler, saving steel, and reducing boiler costs. The floor space is reduced and the cost of the boiler room is saved.
Boiler room design, boiler system solutions, a full set of services, on-site guidance installation and commissioning, furnace staff training, and other value-added services. Let you experience what a real boiler service is! Want to know why EPCB is a household name? Because we did it!
A variety of safety interlock protection, various instrument valve monitoring system, make the boiler run more safely. One-touch operation on PLC touch screen makes boiler operation easier. To save you more labor costs, at the same time, the normal operation makes the effective life of the equipment longer!
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