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1 year ago

Tsingbuy is aluminium baking tray manufacturer, producing sheet pan, loaf pan, baguette pan etc. The baking tray can be made with perforated surface, nonstick surface, corrugated surface etc. Custom baking tray is also available. Welcome to contact us.

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Tsingbuy Industry Limited
Audited supplier
Address: A12 Building, Yuan Chuang Industry Park, Fucheng Street, Guan lan, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, 518000, China
Product details

Tsingbuy is a sheet pan baking tray manufacturer. Besides standard sizes baking tray for your choices, we also provide custom designing and manufacturing services. Here we would like to show you our factory work of sheet pan production, from raw material cutting, punching, edge cutting, edge polishing, metal wire frame making, curling edge with metal wire in rim, to washing and drying etc. 

Tsingbuy is a reliable and professional sheet pan designer and manufacturer with over 13 years experience. If you are looking for baking tray, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Product name: sheet pan, bakery tray, baking pan, baking tray, oven tray

Material: aluminium alloy, aluminized steel, stainless steel are optional

Size: 400X600mm, 400X720mm, 460X660mm, 460X720mm, 600X800mm, and many more sizes; custom size is available.

Depth: 20/25/30/50/55mm and many other depth options; custom is available.

Thickness: 0.8/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5mm are optional; custom is available.

Surface: Natural surface without coating, PTFE or silicone nonstick coated;

Workmanship: Integrated machine stamp or handmade;

Features: Wire in rim/ reverse folding/  perforated/ corrugated/ flat baking sheet.