Double protection U/cable Lock Anti-Theft Security Lock With 2 Keys for MTB Road Mountain Bike Motorcycle scooter lock supplier

1 year ago
Lock body: Environmental silica get + Heat treated steel;  
Lock frame: High quality ABS engineering plastics

Color: black,orange,blue,

Size: 900*6mm

Cable size: 1150*12mm

Weight: 1.1kgs

Lock Type: Bicycles Cable Lock; Bike U-shaped Lock

Packaging details:

1 box Including:
1*U lock
2* keys
1* Lock cable
1* Lock Frame


-Thick alloy steel lock body is safe and anti-theft. The lock body is made of high-strength coarse alloy steel to improve the anti-theft performance, firm and wear-resistant

-The outer sleeve of the lock body adopts a silicone jacket, which makes the handle more comfortable and effectively prolongs the service life

-Lock mode for double open mode, thieves to saw both ends, more security than single open mode

-No pin design outside the lock body, silicone fully wrapped, smooth surface, comfortable touch

-The lock cylinder adopts zinc alloy lock cylinder of the same level as automobile and anti-theft door, and the anti-theft technology is opened

-The free lock frame is firm and stable, portable and not easy to fall off

-Multi functional and firm U-shaped lock can lock not only bicycles, but also motorcycles, electric vehicles, doors, etc
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