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1 year ago
PVC corner bead production line also called PVC tile trim extrusion machine consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, double head die, vacuum setting platform, double tractor, double punch machine, double punching die, double cutting machine, and double-station unloading rack.

PVC corner angle is a new type of decoration material for the construction of wall corners, door side strips and window corners. Its strength and toughness have enabled people to safely replace steel, wood, aluminum and other traditional building materials. The current corner construction process in China has followed decades of traditional construction methods, which are very inefficient and cumbersome, and the corners of the completed buildings are very vulnerable to damage during use: on the one hand, it is due to the contact frequency of the corners. On the other hand, because the corners are not strong enough, and the damaged external corners are not repaired by maintenance personnel, the quality of the project is reduced, especially the corners of doors and windows. Family houses generally use edge wrapping, but this This kind of decoration method not only wastes a lot of wood, but also wastes a lot of money for the decoration, causing a lot of pollution. At present, the internationally used PVC corner protectors are made of high-strength polyvinyl chloride raw materials, which have the advantages of environmental protection and corrosion resistance.
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