Three Deck Six Trays Industrial Electric Baking Oven Heating By Infrared Rays

1 year ago

Three Deck Six Trays Industrial Electric Baking Oven Heating By Infrared Rays.

1.Adopt quality and durable stainless steel material
2.The oven bottom for slab, heated evenly.
3.Fast heating, uniform furnace temperature, high thermal efficacy
4.3 deck 6 trays big capacity with big viewing glass door,make you to check inside easily
5.Mechanical control temperature for each deck, points underside fire, automatic constant temperature

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3 deck 6 trays oven is to create an environment inside of the cooking‭ ‬chamber that contains a consistent level of heat‭ ‬that can be manipulated as needed.‭ ‬There are several‭ ‬types of heating methods that are used to achieve the correct‭ ‬level of heat within the unit.‭ ‬The size and heat of a deck oven allows the efficient baking of a large amount of products in a short period of time.Professional baking ovens need to be flexible to crotrol the temperature, can freely set the temperature of each decks, one to one control the temperature arbitrary.The independent heating elements are located at the top and buttom of the furnace chamber, respectively, which allow the user to fully control the temperture of the furnace chamber, in particular the key areas within the furnace chamber.Each desk of the furnace is equipped with independent thermo-magnetic protection switch, these switches are installed in a very easy place to contact, allowing users to easily connect/disconnect each layer furnace as needed.Allows you to bake or cook a variety of foods, including bread, grilled meat, pastries, cakes, pizza, etc.


Item NameModel NoPower(kw)Volt (V)Weight (kg)Size (mm)Packing Size (mm)
Electric 3 deck 6 tray ovenBY-ACL-3-6D19.83802801220×840×15501230×940×1650



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A:Our team attaches great importance to quality, and professional staffs carry out production and testing to ensure the quality of products.


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A: We can customize the refrigerator and natural stainless steel equipment based on customer's size and design.


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A: 1 year warranty.