Mechanical version High Temperature One Deck Two Trays Electric Bakery Oven

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Mechanical version High Temperature One Deck Two Trays Electric Bakery Oven.

1.Independent temperature control : Professional baking ovens need to be flexible to control the temperature, can freely set the temperature of each decks, one to one control the temperature arbitrary.

2.Efficient, rapid heating: Multi -tube heating tube to form a side to effectively shorten the warm-up time, the normal temperature can be reached baking, oven-level comparison of the ordinary level.

3.Thermal energy distribution: The independent heating elements are located at the top and button of the furnace chamber, respectively, which allow the user to fully control the temperature of the furnace chamber, in particular the key areas within the furnace chamber.

4.Big perspective window: Double insulated glass composition, easy to clean and easy to replace. Due to the double-layer design, the outer glass can be touched by hand during baking without being burned. Double-layer glass has good insulation properties.

5. Electric protection switch: Each desk of the oven is equipped with independent thermos-magnetic protection switch, these switches are installed in a very easy place to contact, allowing users to easily connect/disconnect each layer furnace as needed.

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Mechanical version  one deck two trays electric oven,which has been equipped with an over-temperature protection device. In case that the malfunction of a automatic temperature controller occurs with the power supply on and the heat-emitting tube in operation, the electric connections of the main power supply will be automatically Switched off, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire and electric shock, as well as to insure the security of persons and surrounding environment.Our Oven with multi-layer design and independent control, you can cook many different products at the same time, including grilled meats, pastries, cakes, breads, pizzas, etc.The baking chamber is lined with aluminized steel and is supported by a strong angle iron frame to improve durability. The temperature range of the thermostat is approximately 400 degrees Celsius. To protect you and your employees, safety pilot valves, temperature control devices and main gas valves are located on the front of each device.


Item NameModel Power(kw)Volt (V)Weight (kg)Size (mm)Packing Size (mm)Bakery Tray Size
Electric one deck two tray ovenBY-ACL-1-2D6.6220/380841220x840x6001320×940×700600*400mm



Q: Minimum Order Quantity

A: There is no MOQ, you can order even 1pc to test our quality.


Q: Customized Product

A: We can customize the refrigerator and natural stainless steel equipment based on customer's size and design.


Q: Warranty

A: 1 year warranty. We will provide free parts and maintenance technical support during the warranty period.


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A: 3 days for in stock items and 7-15 days for customized items.


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A: Heavy equipment by sea transportation, and light equipment by air transportation or courier. Or based on customer's request.


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A: We accept TT 30% as deposit, the balance 70% payment before delivery. Or western union.