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1 year ago
At present, large-scale acrylic fish tanks have already set off a boom in the market. The large-scale acrylic fish tanks are mainly positioned in the middle and high-end market. Since the rise, they have been used on a large scale in aquariums, high-end hotels or office spaces, and even in some private villas. The promotion of personal taste and quality of life uses acrylic fish tanks as interior decoration. Modern people pay attention to a sense of freshness. It is conceivable that whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can see a scene full of vitality in the room. People can still get close contact with nature when they are busy, which can not only resolve the work pressure and exhaustion of modern people, but also do not know. I feel that we have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Another advantage of the aquarium landscape is that it can purify and beautify the environment. Due to the further deterioration of environmental pollution, people are more and more difficult to access fresh and clean air, but the aquarium landscape can increase the humidity of the air and absorb the flying dust. We purify the air and provide oxygen. The large acrylic fish tank's transparent glass can perfectly show the beautiful aquarium landscape. Acrylic is a more transparent material. After special treatment, this plexiglass has a high hardness and a light transmittance of over 92%. The large acrylic fish tank is a well-deserved king in the aquarium.
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