Top Selling Electrical Cigar Humidor Cabinet Cooler Electrical Humidor Cabinet

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Top Selling Electrical Cigar Humidor Cabinet Cooler Electrical Humidor Cabinet.

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Product details

Model: NC65A


Place of Origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:CIGOUSE

Model Number:NC65A

Temperature Control:Adjustable Thermostat

Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):460x540x735MM

Power (W):70

Refrigeration Type:Thermoelectric Refrigerator

Voltage (V):110V,220,240V

Temperature Zone:Single-Zone

After-sales Service Provided:Free spare parts

Warranty:1 Year

Material:Stainless Steel, plastic, Glass, Cedar


Certification:CB, ce, UL, RoHS, GS

Application:Hotel, Garage, RV, Commercial, Household

Power Source:Electric

Application and advantages:

How Thermoelectric Cigar Humidors Work

A thermoelectric cooler uses a different process to remove heat from the interior cabinet, one based upon the Peltier effect,which is named for the 19th century scientist who dis-covered it. In this process,an electric current is sent through two pieces of metal that have been joined together. Because the two sides of the device are made of different materials, a heat flux is created and heat flows from one side to the other.One side gets hot while the other gets cold.

Thermoelectric Advantages:

● More stable humidity level

● Quiet and vibration free

● Less expensive to purchase

● Available in small sizes

● Environmentally friendly

● Safer and more cost-efficient to ship

Our team has been specializing in cigar humidor market since 2009.

We know your concern!

Come and see what we designed to achieve stable humidity!

●Double-glazed glass door:

Double-glazed glass results to energy-efficient and noise-free performance. What' s more important is, it has a better thermal resistance. No fog problem on glass.

●Tight Seal:

An airtight seal prevents the humidity from escaping and air from coming in.

●Fan system:

Two fans works independently to avoid interference between humidifying function and de-humidifying function. ensure the expected temperature level.

●Control Panels: 

Two control panel to set expected humidity and temperature respectively.

●Water Container:

When system is requested to rehumidify cigars, water container will introduce moisture to cigars gradually.

●Humidity and Temperature : 

The perfect balance. For a perfect smoke, cigars should be maintained in an environment that approximates their tropical origins -a temperature of approximately 21 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of between 67-71% is the generally accepted standard. Maintaining these levels is very important for several reasons