Wholesale hinged glass shower door Outside-P21 LENS

1 year ago

Big hinge glass shower door -  Inside & Outside open

LENS Introto Outside-P21 LENS,Modern, minimalist, luxurious and pure Framed Shower Screen is a beautiful view of the bathroom. Made of durable 8 mm transparent tempered glass, this screen is flexible and spot resistant, preventing dangerous damage or debris. A single fixed frame occupies only a small part of the bathroom, keeping the rest of the room unobstructed. The screen has a high-quality plating finish and will not rust, corrode or lose luster. Framed Shower Screen also has vertical and bottom rail support to ensure a firm and stable fixation to the wall.

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Product details

Opening mode: Both inside and outside open

Advantage: with 100mm adjustment


Glass: 8/10mm tempered glass with SGCC.


Brass / SS304 hinge with 100mm adjustment


SS304 top supporting bar with whole width


SS304 vertical handle with polished chrome


PVC clear water seal stripe


Packaging Details


Frameless shower door regular packaging:
1)5 layers corrugated board carton with marks printed
2)Glass covered with pearl foam
3)Carton bound with 4-6 plastic belts
4)Alumininum protected with foam film


Port Zhongshan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen


 All the production process are monitored by our ERP system for good quality control and easy tracing. We have the biggest glass tempered furnace and all full digital controlled CNC machines which can process every part of the shower door in our workshop. Our products are widely used in villa, residence, luxury hotel and etc.