Suction and blow type electronic and electrical automatic screw machine

1 year ago
Suitable for all kinds of consumer electronic products, such as plastic toys, mobile phones, cordless phones, calculators, navigation devices, audio systems, cameras, laptops, tablets, learning machines, small home appliances, baby products, LED panel lights, keyboards, watches, etc.

1. With intelligent detection function, it can detect leakage lock, floating lock, sliding teeth, etc.
2. Strong flexibility, standard universal jig is suitable for screw locking of multiple types of machines.
3. Strong versatility, screw transfer module, suction nozzle and batch head can be changed to fit M1.0 ~ M4 screw lock.
4. Screw feeder adopts the latest turntable structure, low noise, high reliability of screw feeding, never stuck screws, maintenance free.
5. The small shape of the equipment is convenient to be put into the production line, with the standard function of putting before and taking after. It can be equipped with two sets of screw feeder, two screws of the same product can be locked, which can double the locking efficiency and replace 2-3 workers.
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