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1 year ago
Advantages of plastic bearings 1, plastic bearings are lubricating materials as a whole, long service life. 2, the plastic bearing application will not rust and corrosion-resistant, and metal materials bearing easy to rust can not be used in chemical fluid. 3. Plastic bearings are lighter than metal, which is more suitable for modern lightweight design trends. 4, the plastic bearing manufacturing cost is lower than the metal material class; the plastic bearing is selected is the injection molding production processing and is relatively suitable for the mass production manufacture. 5. Plastic bearings operate without any noise and have a certain vibration absorption function. 6, plastic sliding bearing is suitable for high and low temperature operation-200 ~ + 250 degrees. The plastic sliding bearing can not only be made into sleeve style, but also can be made into plastic linear sliding bearing. But the precondition is that the material must be self-lubricating to improve its comprehensive wear resistance For example, the current market common CSB-LIN plastic linear bearings are made of materials through lubricants and Reinforced Fiber Modified Engineering plastics, its wear resistance is particularly excellent. Disadvantages of plastic bearings 1. Plastic bearings for other bearings, the ability to withstand high temperatures is less. 2. Plastic bearing low speed, low load, poor mechanical performance. Plastic bearings will be divided into many types, the following to introduce a few common types of plastic bearings. 1. Precision plastic bearing precision plastic bearing, compared with traditional plastic bearing precision and tolerance has improved. The inner and Outer Rings, rolling bodies and cages are made of materials suitable for precision machining. On the basis of keeping the traditional advantages of plastic bearings, they can be used for precision and high-speed operation. The inner and Outer Rings are usually made of pom, PPS, or peek, cages are made of glass-reinforced Nylon 66(rpa66-25) , or peek, with glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls as rollers. 2. Corrosion resistant plastic bearings have a wide range of material solutions for a variety of applications. They work well even in the most severe acid/alkali/salt/solvent/oil/gas/seawater erosion conditions, ensuring ideal durability and life expectancy. 3. HDPE, PE, uhmwpe materials have been proved to be suitable for weak acid-base cross-over environment (30% cucl2 solution and 30% naoh solution to test OK) , PVDF and ptfe materials can be used in strong acid-base environment, among them, PTFE can be used in all concentrated acid and alkali occasions, including HF and fuming sulfuric acid and nitric acid (more than 98%) . 4. High temperature resistant plastic bearings pvdf, ptfe (Teflon) , PPS (poly(p-phenylene sulfide)) , peek (polyether ether ketone) , Pi (polyether imide) have all proved to be ideal materials for making high temperature plastic bearings, in which Pi can be used at 290 °C for a long time, the maximum short-term temperature resistance can reach 350 °C. It is one of the best engineering plastics known for its high temperature properties. 5. Plastic bearing housings and plastic outer spherical bearings with plastic bearing housings are light weight, easy to install, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and have a common cast iron or stamping seat does not have the shock-resistant performance. With the continuous development of new materials are more and more widely used in engineering.
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