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2 years ago

Jiangmen EKM Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. EKM company started and focused on bathroom and kitchen accessories. With the market demand and the improvement of people’s living needs, smart household products become more and more popular. EKM company’s R&D team, adhering to the design concept of integrating health into life, has developed a series of household appliances and successfully obtained many Invention patents and Utility model patents and Appearance patents, which greatly improved the advantages of the products in the market.During the outbreak, the R&D team quickly developed the infrared thermometers,which passed all the certification needed with the rigorous techique and clinical test. A large number of infrared thermometers into the market, brings convenience to people’s life and work.

After the epidemic, people's living habits have quietly changed,EKM company grasped the business opportunities by this change. Based on the current generation of disinfection lamps, hand-washing sensor boxes and temperature measuring guns, EKM company quickly launched the second-generation smart household disinfection lamps and smart sensor hand-washing boxes. EKM company successfully established a long-term cooperative relationships with many commercial buildings,shopping malls and schools,to contribute our social responsibility to public health.

With the improvement of people’s living and the increase in demand for health,EKM company will continue to develop more household appliances to meet people’s living needs with an innovative and scientific attitude. Let’s make our life more easilier!

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