How To Produce The Stainless Steel Metal Label

1 year ago

Customer visit Alice Label Manufacturer - Design - Material Cutting - Film Exposure proces - Etching - Screen Printing - Stamping - Double Tape Behind - Quality Control - Shipment

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How to make the stainless steel metal labels?

1. Customer visit Alice Label Manufacturer: Alice label manufacturer has establishment in 1998 and has been committed to producing all kinds of metal plaque,nameplates.we make labels in materials with Stainless steel,Titanium,Copper,Brass,Zinc alloy,Aluminum, Electroformed nickel,Fabric,Self-adhesive,etc.Welcome to visit Alice label manufacturer.
2. Design:  We can design for customers,according to your inquiry,we can advised you which materials is reasonable,how to make the labels.  
3. Material Cutting: To make the Stainless steel,Copper,Titanium,Aluminum Label,first of all is to divided the material to the suitable size,prepare for follow-up work.
4. Film Exposure process: As a bridge between plate making and printing, printing down plays an important role in the replication process. It's quality impacts on the printing quality and printing efficiency. When proofing plates, is need to control the vacuum time, exposure time and developing time of PS version.
5. Etching: Etching is a method of making prints from a metal name plate, usually copper,Stainless steel,Aluminum,Titanium, into which the design has been incised by acid.The copperplate is first coated with an acid-resistant substance, called the etching ground, through which the design is drawn with chemical solution,which eats away those areas of the plate unprotected by the ground, forming a pattern of recessed lines.
6. Screen Printing: screen printing involves placing a fine mesh screen, which is stretched tightly over a wooden frame, above a piece of metal material. Then colour is forced through the screen with a rubber blade called a squeegee. Usually the screen is made of silk, hence the name silk screen printing. However, as cotton, nylon or metal can also be used, the more inclusive term is screen printing.
7. Stamping: To make the metal labels,we need to make a mold according to your design first,We use lean manufacturing principles to govern our entire metal stamping system, helping to minimize waste, manage flow and deliver quality products on time and on budget.We also use many of the standard design software programs, ensuring that we can translate and deliver your concept and vision into a completed metal label.
8. Double Tape Behind: Usually,the metal name badge with double tape behind,but also have other fixing stainless steel badges,titanium badges can also make two holes with nails,aluminum badges can make two holes with nails or with legs behind. Zinc alloy badges can make two holes with nails,legs behind,screw behind,butterfly clips etc.
9. Quality Control: Quality control (QC) is a process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved. Quality control requires the business to create an environment in which both management and employees strive for perfection. This is done by training personnel, creating benchmarks for product quality and testing products to check for statistically significant variations.Every type of the metal art tags will be full inspection before shipment.
10. Shipment: we can shipping the metal plaque to you according to UPS,DHL,TNT or customized.