American Top mount Handmade Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Wash Sink

1 year ago

Specification: 20" * 20" * 8"

Material: 304

Thickness: 16G

Process: integrated molding

Surface treatment: bright silk

Standard accessories: water dispenser, opening plate, hook

Reasons for choosing us:

The sink is solid and thick, installed under the platform, with large capacity and simple appearance. There are special technical installation guidelines, fast and no leakage, reducing the wear of the water tank caused by installation.

We do this:

1. From the beginning of production, we choose raw materials from the top brand Zhangpu 304 ා steel, and the positive and negative difference of material thickness is controlled within 0.02mm.

2. Product surface sanding using automatic CNC grinding machine, Italian bibielle brand nylon sand abrasives, uniform and delicate texture.

3. Our standard accessories are hook, orifice plate, water dispenser, and provide installation guidelines. Whether standard or optional, we can provide a variety of products

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