2.0mm diameter strip tofu cat litter (Original)

2 years ago

- The main material of tofu cat litter is soybean fiber, the percentage is 85%, the raw materials are sterilized by high temperature, eliminate harmful biological residues. It is harmless for cats even eat by mistake, ensure the health of cats and cats lovers.   

- Compare to bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter is of light weight, popular packaging is 6L/2.5kg. Strong clumping, easy to scoop, flushable, it is plant eco-friendly cat litter.  

Compared with other products, our 2.0mm strip tofu cat litter has a smooth and beautiful appearance and uniform particles.

- Our products go through four dust removal processes, the dust is extremely low, it is very friendly to the cat’s breathy system.

- During the production process, our products go through high pressure, so it is of high hardness, avoid causing dust.  

- Compared with 3.0mm diameter tofu cat litter, there are small gaps between the particles, not stick the bottom, friendly to cat’s paws, besides, the clumping is more smaller, save usage.

- You could add milky scent, it would reach super effect on odor control.

- We also own packaging factory, very professional on packaging production and bag types, you could also enjoy favorable price.

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