High Performance Motor Protector

2 years ago

HCET Thermal Bimetal Cut out Breakers Motor Protectors Replace Otter Controls-HC02 Series 

The current and temperature sensing characteristics of the HC02 are tuneable to match the protection requirements of various intermittent and continuously rated 12V DC motors. The unique design gives an excellent on to off ratio resulting in reduced motor winding temperatures.

The HC02 design can provide a high level of current sensitivity with far lower switch resistance than any competing motor protectors, or the capability to carry a higher current for longer in a very small package, depending upon which configuration is chosen.

The HC02 is enclosed by an electrically insulated cover. The colour of the cover can be specified for easy identification in a busy factory. The terminals may be cropped and folded to suit the installation.

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Product details


●Small size, long life and high reliability;

●Good protection against overload, locked rotor, or short-circuit overcurrent;

●According to customer requirements, the overload trip current value can be set, up to 30A;

●Very accurate trip time (4~10s) to prevent the motor from overheating;

●Each part strictly implements the European ROHS environmental protection standard;

●There are various types of terminals for flexible selection;

Accurate temperature setting

High contact pressure

Positive snap action

Auto reset

Smaller size making the PB ideal for modern motor protection needs

Industry leading low resistivity

Fine silver contacts & robust insert molded construction

Cover options that protect the bimetal and provide electrical insulation

Leafspring carries the electric current providing current heating / sensing

Wide variety of terminal configurations available

Ideal for small automotive applications