LS VISION New Private Model Low Power Wireless 4MP 1080P 4G/Wifi Floodlight Solar Battery Powered PTZ Camera

1 year ago

Completely new private model

Super competitive price

2mp/4mp is optional

4G/Wifi is optional

Integrated installation and separated installation is optional

In big production now

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Product details


1. 2MP/4MP Wifi/4G solar powered battery floodlight PTZ camera

2. Built-in 4G module, different modules in different countries

3. Pan&Tilt:Pan 355 degree&Tilt 100 degree

4. 6W solar panel, built-in 15000mAh batteries

5. Two-way voice intercom

6. Cloud storage and TF card storage maximum 128G(without TF card)

7. 4G network remote viewing/playback via APP (UBox)

8. Automatic video recording and message push when human body motion wakes up

9. Arbitrary arming time can be set

10.3.6mm lens, infrared light or white light can be set , dual use for video surveillance and garden lights

11. Waterproof grade IP66

12. With 3m cable and bracket, you can choose integrated installation or separated installation


Product details: