TECHIK Standard X-Ray Scanner Is Used in Carton Detection for a Frozen Fish Factory

7 months ago

Recently,  TECHIK installed a new X-ray scanner---TXR series in a frozen fish factory in South Africa, and the client used it for carton detection. The client shows respect and satisfaction on commission and builds a stable relationship with us.

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Product details
Product Description

X-ray Inspection System takes advantages of the penetrating power of X-ray to detect contamination. It can achieve a full range of contaminants inspection including metallic, non-metallic contaminants (glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc.). It can inspect metallic, non-metallic packaging and canned products, and the inspection effect will not be affected by temperature, humidity, salt content, etc.

Simple to Disassemble, Easy to Clean, and Reliable Security

● Good environment adaptability

● Equipped with industrial air conditioner

●Completely sealed structure to avoid dust

●Environmental humidity can reach 90%

●Environmental temperature can reach -10~40℃ 

Excellent Product Applicability

● Up to eight grade image processing technology to achieve the best product adaptability and stability

High Configuration of Hardware

●  Spare parts are well-known imported brands to ensure the performance and service life of the machine

Excellent Operability

●15-inch touch screen display, easy to operate

● Auto-learning function. Equipment will automatically remember qualified product parameters

● Automatically save the product images, which is convenient for user’s analysis and tracking