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4 months ago

3D printing technology can not only provide new medical devices, implants and prosthetics, but also make bone, organ and vascular models according to patient specificity. Making a 3D printing model requires the use of software to convert the patient's 2D scanning images, such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), into STL files. STL file encodes the specific anatomical or pathological features of the patient, and then the 3D printer prints the model.

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Product introduction

3D printing model needs to use special printing materials, such as photosensitive resin, which can make different hard and soft materials to accurately simulate human tissue, bone and calcification. Doctors and team members can use these models to improve disease diagnosis, clarify treatment decision-making and planning, and even use them to practice interventional therapy before actual surgery if necessary.

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Resin、Aluminum、Stainless Steel、Copper
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High End,High Precision ,Good Quality
3-5 Year in Normal Use
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Product Advantages

High Use Value:These models can help doctors understand the anatomical structures that cannot be visualized in the patient's body, which is especially suitable for minimally invasive surgery. At the same time, 3D models can help doctors accurately determine the size of medical devices. Finally, doctors can use these models to explain the upcoming operation to patients and their families, and communicate the operation steps to clinicians.

Reduce Uncertainty:Traditional preoperative planning must use the patient's 2D scanning image, the patient's 3D reconstruction computer scanning image, and the general physical model to infer the access path and the medical equipment suitable for the specific anatomy. It is difficult to infer all the information needed by traditional methods, so it is difficult to avoid some adjustments during the operation, which adds a major factor - uncertainty

3D printing model can reduce this uncertainty and enable doctors to make more accurate judgments before surgery.

Product Features

Specilaze in 3d printing for around 5 years
100% Tested before sale
Cooperate with over 10 famous brands from domestic and international market
Competitive and reasonable price
Abundant inventory and short lead time about 7-15 days
24hrs supports from our sales and R&D team

Strong processing strength, scale capacity and equipment

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Nowadays with six years of professional experience in the field of 3D digital, our company is capable of dealing with various and complex problems.


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  • Can 3D SHAPING make design drawings for me?
          We provide design services.You are responsible for submitting your specific ideas and requirements.We can provide the design after receiving your order.
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                    In most cases,we respond within a couple of days of receiving an RFQ.If the quote is delayed,we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • What is the accuracy of rapid prototyping?
    The accuracy varies according to different processes. Generally within ± 0.2 to ± 0.1mm
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                                   The minimum order quantity is 1. If the quantity is large, there can be more discounts.
  • Can I use my own material for production?
    Yes,customer-supplied material is fine so long as it fits with our machine capabilities.
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         No,we do not insure deliveries.However,you are free to use your own  insurance.