24 Mold 4 inch Hamburger Pan Burger Bun Baking Tray

1 year ago

Tsingbuy bakeware manufacturer custom made this 738x530mm hamburger pan with 24 4 inch burger bun molds. It is made by one piece machine stamp technology, treated with PTFE non stick coating. 

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Product details
Main Product Features

1. Food grade material, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, strong hardness, strong wear resistance

2. Integrated machine stamping, special 3D arc groove, making hamburger in fuller shape

3. The curved design makes the hamburger more beautiful and plump after cooling.

4. Flat bottom groove design, after the hamburger is cooled, due to the reason of heat expansion and cold shrinkage, the hamburger will be concave, which will affect the shape and taste of hamburger.

5. Curling edge design, better handle

6. Surface non stick coated treatment, non stick, heat resistant, corrosion resistant, smooth, easy for demoulding and cleaning, good wear resistance.

7. Tsingbuy hamburger pan manufacturer is professional in baking pans industry and specializes in custom manufacturing pans used on machinery food-production lines.

Product Introduction

Hamburger .Pan.