Thermal Switch Normally Closed Thermal Bimetal Cut Out

2 years ago

HC02 Series Thermal Switch Normally Closed Thermal Bimetal Cut Out

HC02 series is a precise protector with plastic housing. It is sensitive to both temperature and current and can protect motor or transformer from over-heating or loading effectively

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Product details

Special Features:

● Small size, long life and high reliability;

● Protected with overload, plugging turn, or short circuit flow well;

● According to the customer request, setting overload trip current, max 30A;

● Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating(4~10s);

● Each type of parts strictly implemented European ROHS environmental standards;

● Terminals are optional and customized.

Electrical Characteristics: 

● 1~30amps/15volts DC

● 1~15amps/30volts DC

● 1~30amps/250volts AC 

● 1~30amps/125volts AC

Technical Parameters:

● Action temperature from 60℃~180℃, Every 5 ℃ a specification. Temperature is optional and customized.

● Temperature tolerance:±8℃,±10℃.

● Trip off current range: 1~30A.

● Trip off time: 4~10s.

Main Applications are as follows:

● Window motor , Skylight and aerial motor.

● Engine of the front and rear windshield wipers, slide door start and regulator engine.