HCET KSD302 Bimetal Thermal Switch

2 years ago

KSD302 series high current sudden jump type bimetal thermostat, it is a thermostat with bimetal as temperature sensing component. Electrical equipment and household relays for high power loads.

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Product details

【Model】: KSD302 

【Temperature】: -20℃- 180℃, one specification every 5℃, one specification every 5℃, any temperature within the range can be provided according to customer requirements 

Features】: High load capacity, suitable for high-power electrical appliances; stable working characteristics and excellent reliability; sensitive to temperature and fast action;

Special Features

1, with fixed mounting hole, easy installation;

2, the radio interference is small, do not pull arc;

3, high load capacity, suitable for high-power electrical appliances;

4, according to customer requirements, set current value;

Electrical specifications

15-60 a /110V AC (resistive load) 15-60 a /250V AC (resistive load)

15-60A/400V AC (resistive load)

Technical parameters

Operating temperature range -20℃ -180 ℃, each 5℃ a specification, according to customer requirements to provide any temperature within the range

Temperature tolerance action: ±3, ±5, ±8; Reduction: ±4, ±8, ±12

Contact form normally closed type; The normally open type

Range of application

Heater, bath master, hot air heater, electric water heater, kitchen treasure, electric faucet

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