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Camtech is an independent closed workshop with three automated production lines. The workshop has standard electrostatic protection and temperature and humidity control requirements. Access control is implemented for personnel entering and leaving, and strict environmental management is used to ensure that the quality is foolproof. When electronic materials are put into storage, by completing the identity registration in the storage system and using the intelligent material rack with the system, you can check the cycle, quantity, and material number. Realize precise control, avoid the chance of manual operation errors, reduce the time of material receiving and dispatching operations, and effectively improve the space utilization rate. The production information management system covers all production links in the whole workshop, and the production process is more transparent. A large amount of data collection and analysis can effectively judge the quality trend, and make timely and correct responses to avoid waste of resources. The expiration date is recorded in the system for each package of PCBs, which are then automatically mounted on the slide, bar-coded and ready to use. After the laser printer scans the barcode, it prints the QR code allocated by the system on the back of the PCB, and automatically detects the printing effect and uploads the result to the MES system.

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Each bottle of solder paste must pass the viscosity test before use, and the stencil tension should also be tested for printing quality before and after each use. The 3D optical detector equipped by SPI can quickly measure and calculate the area, height and volume of solder paste on each pad. And automatically upload the inspection results to the MES system, and the PCB that is not qualified by printing will be found and scrapped immediately. We now use Japan's Fuji placement machine with the placement tool management system recommended by the original factory, send it to the Tacks software, implement upgrades and analyze production information, carry out machine management and original parts, material supply and management, intelligent error prevention and traceability, to achieve High quality and efficient use of the placement process. The single cell is placed under each other, and the reflow soldering process makes the soldering occur in an environment with very little oxygen content, which blocks the oxidation of the metal gel and pads of the original parts under high temperature conditions