Professional The max white 36LED rock light manufacturers

1 year ago
Professional The max white 36LED rock light
Max pure white rock light
This is a new product, we're the developer of it and we have patent.
1)This rock light fits for Off road all universal cars. Aluminum casing, Waterproof rate IP68 pod light with solid color LED.
36pc High power LED that has an output of up to 3200 lumens and emits a wide 360° beam angle, which will make your car super bright and safer driving.
2) We use imported Chip to make this amazing product, which is the main reason why our rock is the brightest.
3) Controller, Mini 4 Button RF Remote. You can control it easily with it. We can customize any sets as you need. Apart from those standard sets, 4pc, 6pc, 8pc or 12pc kit. We also offer 16pc, 18pc, 20pc even 22pods per kit as you need.
welcome to contact us if you have any questions about these products
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