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In the last year alone Netflix has been leveraging virtual production technologies such as LED In-Camera VFX, simulcam, performance capture and real-time visualization throughout projects such as The Midnight Sky; Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey; The Irregulars; Stowaway; Love, Death & Robots; A StoryBots Space Adventure; Biohackers; and Sweet Home. Now is time to inspire your audience with immersive xR experience.

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Hello, XR

The more he goes, the more scientific art becomes, and the more artistic science becomes.

The two will meet at the top after breaking up at the base.


                                                                                                           —— Gustave Flaube

Why led wall is better for virtual

 production than green screen?

With the LED walls providing the state-of-the art in-camera visuals as well as the natural lighting and reflections onto props and actors, the end result is a great example where the need for any composite in post-production, usually required in a green screen pipeline, was completely eliminated.

With the use of real-time visual effects and cutting edge VFX led wall, artists and directors can adjust the parameters defining the environment or adjust the scene on set in real-time.It gives them a lot of freedom and flexibility in virtual production set. 

Meanwhile, it is a huge cost and time saving for the whole production team to eliminate the troubles of traveling and post-production.


Advantages of using virtual production LED wall

Save time and cost

Virtual production LED walls can not only save time by taking things virtually, but they also help save costs. For instance, it eliminates traveling time and additional costs. Also, the revisions and decisions are more creative and are conducted in earlier phases to ensure correct production decisions are being made.

Speed up the shooting process

Virtual production LED walls allow the teams to speed up the production and shooting process without any interruptions. Also, virtual production involves changing the digital assets quickly, resulting in several shots in a limited timeframe. Not to forget, the producers allow control over lighting, weather, object placement, and time

Enhance Visibility

With the help of virtual production LED walls, everyone involved in the production process will have an in-depth understanding of pre-vis to post-production. In addition, the LED walls, green screen, and virtual cameras can show what's being captured, so everything is fully visible.

Break the time and regional restrictions

Virtual production can be completed through decentralized teams without any time and regional restrictions. In addition, the producers can create a team of specialists and creative, irrespective of the location, without increasing the costs.

Various VFX led wall from iDisplay 

iDisplay, a pioneer manufacturer of VFX led wall, we help our customer to approach virtual production and deliver a perfect in-camera visuals by using the cutting edge technology of LED volume. LED volume “immerSiv pro” and floor screen “immerSiv floor” have gain a lot of interest in xR thanks to its state of art performance and high compatibility and flexibility. It ensure artist and directors of virtual production have enough freedom and flexibility to design different shapes and sizes of stage according to specific needs.  

Advantage of iDisplay immersiv pro

A product born for virtual production! 

ImmerSiv pro is a masterpiece for virtual production with high-performance, broadcast grade, high resolution, high frame rate, high gray scale, high refresh rate, delivering a great in-camera performance. It provides high compatibility & interoperability with the real-time rendering engines (Unreal Engine, Notch), media servers and platforms (Disguise, Pixotope) and tracking systems (Mo-sys, Stype, BlackTrax, Optitrack, Vicon, etc.) and Camera Arri etc. Its profound design is a great merge of strength, beauty, stability, human friendly operation and maintenance. ImmerSiv pro can be widely used in xR stage, broadcast, education, esports and events and studio requirement.


Performance of immerSiv pro

It is a masterpiece with high-performance, broadcast grade, HD LED display resolution, high frame rate, high gray scale, high refresh rate and scan lines free, delivering a great in-camera performance.


  • High compatibility & Flexibility
  • Strong and powerful design
  • Easy installation and Maintenance
  • CE,TUV,FCC,ETL approval

Application of VFX led wall

    Corporate events
  • Companies are increasingly turning to xR as a new way to address problems around distance. Virtual meetings, conventions and even product launches can create a much more engaging experience for the participants, immersing them into the brand and ethos of the organiser.

  • xR can immerse students into realistic scenarios, enabling a more handson learning in a stimulating virtual environment.

  • xR provides opportunity for less crew, less travel and less time on set. In post-production, virtual production LED wall provide a quicker, easier and higher-quality alternative to green screens, reducing the production cycle and allowing more creative visual decisions to be made on set in real time.


  • In a studio setting, VFX LED screens deliver crisp, high-res content and lighting in real-time, all captured in-camera, creating an environment presenters can visually interact with, making them feel more confident on camera.

    Live music
  • Artists can use xR LED wall to perform a live music video, using generative content engines to create and render limitless possibilities for the video narrative in real-time, transporting viewers to a world beyond the physical unreal LED walls.


  • Virtual set LED wall produce real reflections and shadows of the subjects in front of them, otherwise difficult and expensive to recreate in post-production. Performers and presenters can see the CG content so they can interact with it more naturally.