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1. Confirm design, production details and quantity
The customer said the required dimensions, performance specifications, design requirements and other parameters. Mmpack has a professional sales department to communicate with customers to understand the details and quantity of products required by customers.
2. Production preparation project seminar
The sales department, purchasing department, technical department, printing department and other relevant departments held meetings to discuss projects, including production schedule, raw material preparation, color matching, production technology, performance testing and quality assurance.
3. Artwork proofing and cylindrical etching
MMPack designers make a proof of the artwork in Ai format (or CDR, PSD, etc.) according to the customer's design artwork for confirmation by the customer. After confirming the order and proof of artwork, etch the cylinder accordingly.
4. printing
As soon as the project is ready, MMPack will use rollers to gravure printing on the required materials.
5. laminated
After printing, MMPack is laminated according to the agreed material structure and thickness.
6. Ripening
MMPack heat-cures laminates for about 1-3 days.
7. Bag making
Different bag making machines are used for different bag shapes.
8. Quality inspection and packing
After with the bag making process, MMPack checks the finished bags one by one. Only standard-quality products can be packed into cartons, and those inferior-quality bags will be discarded.
9. Delivery/shipment
We can arrange transportation for orders, whether through our own services, other suppliers, or a combination of the two.

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